As recommended by Lesley Brownett, retired deputy company secretary of Marks & Spencer.

Your yoga practice at M&S has enable us to:

recharge and focus our energy more effectively
gain a wider perspective on life
live more spontaneously


I have a broad range of experience having taught yoga within adult education, an acting school, a prison, schools (children, their parents and teachers) and in two specialised centres for people with Multiple Sclerosis. I was the Intermediate teacher at the Yoga Therapy Centre for six years and was The Marks and Spencer in house yoga instructor for over a decade. I run specialised workshops alongside my weekly courses and lead retreats both in this country and overseas.

A learning model which has proved very effective grew from a long term client bringing her mother for 1-1 yoga following cancer treatment. Her condition and general health stabilized after a few sessions and to reduce costs, along with fostering fun and collectivity, she found some friends who were interested in committing to a weekly yoga class. Now there are four friends who share the fee between them. The class is generally housed in one of their homes and as they all live in the same area, it is easy to change the venue to another home as and when appropriate. It is heart warming and inspiring to both witness and be a part of a yoga practice group as we blossom and unite...